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Award-winning German playwright Marius von Mayenburg throws theatrical conventions at the fourth wall until it breaks as PERPLEX offers audiences a comedy like no other to round out Silo Theatre’s 2016 season. After 2015’s smash hit comedy HUDSON & HALLS LIVE!, Silo stages another outrageous experience, perfect for the silly season. Playing 10 November – 03 December at Auckland Live’s Herald Theatre.

Couple A arrive home from holiday to find their house out of sorts. Couple B had been housesitting and haven’t paid the electricity bill. Couple B arrive home to find that Couple A have let themselves in and have moved their things around. It’s all a bit perplexing.

Described as an absurdist deconstruction of reality, identity and theatre itself, PERPLEX is a deeply funny and incredibly bonkers farce about nothing and everything at the same time. Kicking off just like any other domestic comedy, PERPLEX quickly devolves into a nonsensical game of blurred lines and morphed characters.

Later Event: November 16
Hudson & Halls Live!