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Boys Will Be Boys

Enter the world of currency trading, Dior suits and cocaine. Astrid is at the peak of her career as a trader, raking it in with the best of them. To stay on top, she’s had to tough it out with the men that dominate her industry. In Astrid’s mind, you have to take it like a man or you’ll be swallowed up.

When a hungry new female intern comes along, Astrid attempts to mould her in her own image. Instead, she creates something far worse than the men she’s had to overcome - a woman who can beat her at her own game.

Australian playwright Melissa Bubnic has written a no-holds-barred, biting satire on what it takes to get ahead. With an all-female cast, in-your-face dialogue and a healthy bump of cabaret, Boys Will Be Boys is a ferocious and unapologetic look at misogyny and who’s got the power.

Welcome to the trading room floor.

"A compelling story in a brilliantly vibrant and entertaining fashion, there’s so much worth considering and discussing." - The Daily Review.

Earlier Event: September 6
Later Event: September 25
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