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Hamlet: The Video Game (The Stage Show)

Think Ophelia as a robot, King Duncan being greeted with a hand grenade, Yorick as a zombie, and you’ve got HAMLET: The Video Game (The Stage Show).

Following a successful season at the Court Theatre in Christchurch, HAMLET: The Video Game (The Stage Show) comes to Auckland for the first time for gamers and Shakespeare buffs alike. Catch it during the school holidays from October 4-7 at the Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre as part of Auckland Live’s Kids Play programme.

The show reimagines Hamlet as an interactive video game, blending the Prince of Denmark’s soliloquies with mortal combat, zombies and a final boss battle. The audience calls the shots so that each performance takes a different route. Every level must be conquered until Hamlet’s father’s death has been avenged!

Earlier Event: October 4
Later Event: October 7
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