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The Effect

A love story amidst a clinical drug trial, written by one of the UK’s most exciting playwrights, is about to be transformed by revel-makers and boundary-pushers, Fractious Tash. Benjamin Henson’s off-kilter vision and unstoppable cast will bring the NZ premiere of shatteringly intelligent work The Effect to Q Theatre Wednesday 2nd – Saturday 12th August as part of Q’s 2017 MATCHBOX Season.

Connie sees Tristan. Tristan sees Connie.

Hearts pound. Pulses soar. Thoughts race. Pupils dilate. Palms sweat. Balance reels. Lips burn. Is this the side-effect of only one thing...Their dangerous, electrifying, first-sight love...Or the explosive, experimental drug surging its way through them?

Severed from the world as test subjects for a revolutionary new drug, it is Connie and Tristan's chemistry that comes under the microscope - their laser-like connection cannot be denied, but what's causing it? Is it ethical? Is it real and can it ever last?